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Did you know that most hiring managers determine your potential value by quickly screening your resume usually in 10 seconds or less? Even the most stellar career history can appear weak if not conveyed with achievements, results and maximum impact. With today’s high competition in the job market, many individuals are seeking professional resume writers and career coaches to help them improve their interviewing, networking and salary negotiation skills and supercharge their resume into a dynamic, high-impact career presentation giving them a competitive advantage over other candidates.


Job Search Planning and Self-Marketing Assistance

  • Discovery of your unique strengths, key achievements and marketable skills presented to provide a high return-on-investment to potential employers
  • Verbal business card (Your 60 second commercial)
  • Employment search plan, tools, and creative methods to streamline and reduce your search time
  • Discovering the hidden job market
  • Creating practical networking leads to expand your success
  • Career related internet links
  • Researching potential employers – things you must know
  • Resource center with books, video’s and internet access
  • Career workshops on interviewing skills, job search strategies, networking and much more

Interview Skills Training – Turn Those Interviews Into Job Offers

  • Preparing for employment interviews – The count down
  • Mock interviews with valuable feedback to strengthen confidence
  • A plan on how to site your achievements and career highlights during the interview
  • Addressing weaknesses, reason for leaving or other soft spots
  • Most common interview questions and answers asked by interviewers
  • Questions you should ask the interviewer
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • How to close the interview and leave a great impression
  • What you should do after the interview and when to follow-up
  • Self assessment and evaluation worksheets

Negotiating The Salary You Deserve Tips

  • Handling salary questions during an interview
  • 10 things you must know about negotiating salaries
  • Key salary negotiation strategies for maximizing offers
  • Salary negotiation do’s and don’ts
  • Evaluating employment offers and preparing counter offers

Achievement-Driven Resumes and Career Documents

  • Strategic, achievement-driven resumes and cover letters with careful attention to layout, format and overall visual presentation
  • Action words and key words – must have to be recognized in searchable resume databases
  • Proper placement of relevant and critical information
  • Thank you and interview follow-up letters
  • Broadcast, networking, acceptance, withdrawal and resignation letters
  • Salary history and reference lists
  • Professional bio’s and CV development

We help clients, at every career stage, to gain new insights and confidence in marketing their credentials effectively and professionally. We offer services for clients in all professions and disciplines, and specialize in senior level executives, professional athletes and coaches and military transitioners. Whether seeking to find a better job, changing careers, reentering the job market or graduating from school, we offer complete career management services.

Remember, you have only one chance to make the right first impression. When quality absolutely cannot be compromised and you want it done right the first time… contact Résumé Rescue and Career Services – your career could depend on it!


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What Our Clients Say
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